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MovieBox is a popular Movie and video playing apps for iOS which is not available now due to copyrights issue by the media networks. We got another source of movies and Tv shows in a single platform called MovieBox Pro. It can give you the same types of contents what MovieBox used to provide. As MovieBox is tweaked apps, you need to download and install it from trust sources, here we will guide you in this tutorial how to get MovieBox Pro with ease and if the error persists how you can fix them. 

Before start letting you know the way to download MovieBox, let’s get the sneak peek to its features.

moviebox pro

MovieBox Pro Features:

  • A large number of videos are available.
  • You can play online and offline.
  • The interface is very much user-friendly.
  • HD Videos are available.
  • It contains the latest movies and Tv shows.

How to Download MovieBox Pro:

Downloading MovieBox Pro is so simple following few easy steps as below.

Method 1: Using AppValley App

  1. Download AppValley ( Guide ) App on your iOS devices with the following guidelines in the link.
  2. Go to your device Home Screen, tap on the AppValley icon.
  3. Search for MovieBox Pro in the App category.
  4. Tap on getting.
  5. Once the app is installed, go to Settings > General > Profile and device Management, tap Trust on the MovieBox Profile. 
  6. Now open it from your device Home Screen and start enjoying your favorite videos.

Method 2: Direct Installation Link

MovieBox Pro

  1. Tap on the above link.
  2. Go to your device Home Screen, wait for some time to get it installed.
  3. Now go to the Settings > General > Profile and Device Management. 
  4. Look for the  MovieBox Pro Profile Certificate, tap Trust on it.
  5. Now it will be able to play your favorite videos and Tv shows.

If you find the above link is not working, let us know.

How to Fix MovieBox Pro Crashing Errors:

If the installed app is not working for some reason, following a few simple steps you can fix it in a minute.

  1. Delete or Uninstall the existing app.
  2. Clear your device cache.
  3. Reboot your device.
  4. Install it again from the above tutorials.
  5. Trust the app certificate.
  6. The errors will be fixed and it will be ready to play videos again.

Still Not Working?

If the app is still not working on your iOS devices, then get in touch with us on Facebook.

Do you think the above information is helpful to you, or you are happy to get the app back, comments below to let us know.


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