Minecraft Pocket Edition

Indulge in a popular construction game that needs your super creativity. Minecraft Pocket Edition is a mobile compatible game where the player builds virtual constructions using a number of available models and customizable options. Dive into a block world that combines exploration, survival, and construction. As enticing as it may sound the only problem is that if you want to download then you will pay for it. But the good news is that there is a way you can get the app without using a single penny. So, where can you find the app for free? Read on! 

minecraft pocket edition download for ios

How to Install Minecraft Pocket Edition to iOS:

It’s true you can get Minecraft PE from Appstore but at a certain price. But why pay for it when you have Appvalley? Appvalley is just like any other third party app installer. It gives you access to all kinds of tweaked games and apps with all their features. The best part is that you don’t have to jailbreak anything.  

So how can you get Minecraft pocket edition in your iOS? First things first, install Appvalley on your phone. You can do so right from your browser. After that, launch it on your home screen and type Minecraft Pocket Edition in the Search box. Hit download and wait a few seconds to complete.  

Before hitting Install, go to your Settings and then Profile and Device Management. Head down to the installer and then verify the Trust button. Verification of unknown sources is important so that you can avoid encountering an error when you install the app. You can now install the game and enjoy playing! 

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Features of Minecraft Pocket Edition 

Expect the following features from the unlocked version of Minecraft PE: 

  • An inventory menu to get any supplies. 
  • 36 available cube models 
  • A multiplayer mode 
  • Survival elements like hunger, brewing, and dimensions 
  • Access to creative mode 
  • Regular updated 
  • A fall-out mash up a package 
  • Power rangers skin pack 
  • Access to the other modes like adventure, hardcore, survival and monitoring modes 
  • Generate different worlds like normal, individual, super flat, stretched, debug, and large blocks. 
  • Many more features 

Minecraft Pocket Edition from Mojang is a perfect combination of fun and adventure. If you want to enjoy both and many more at no price at all, then head over to Appvalley. You’ll get experience and other games like no other.  

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