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For many of us tech enthusiasts, or rather Apple fans in this case; the arrival of iOS 12 truly has been a long time coming. The earlier versions did do their job, but we needed more, and I believe that’s exactly what we got. Since its introduction to the market some 12 years ago, the iOS platform has grown to heights not many thought it would reach in terms of popularity and reach to be the second most used mobile operating system of our time. If you are an Apple fan, you got good news, its AppValley for your iOS devices.

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What do we get in the new iOS 12? 

To start us off with this piece, let’s first take a look at some of the features that the new iOS 12 brings to its users: 

  1. New and improved face ID capabilities with this iOS version allowing up to 2 face IDs to be recorded. 
  2. The improved camera features i.e. live editing or adjustment of photos and videos. 
  3. 3D touch for enhanced user interaction. 
  4. Integrated AI which simplifies and enhances user experience. 
  5. Improved call features and capabilities i.e. can conference with up to 32 people on a single call. 
  6. Usage statistics are available to keep track of how you use your phone. 
  7. Improvements have been made to the messaging app. 

AppValley on iOS 12:

With the rollout of the new version of iOS, the developers of AppValley have been swift in ensuring that this app is compatible with this new release. For some of you reading this and are unfamiliar with the app, don’t worry, we’ll catch you up here in no time! 

What is AppValley? 

AppValley ( About ) is essentially an app store that gives you access to thousands of tweaked apps that have been modified for optimum user satisfaction. A lot of iOS users normally resort to jailbreaking in order to have such apps, but that method has often proven unsafe and detrimental to a lot of Apple devices. AppValley was created in order to avail these apps in a safe and secure manner. 

How to get AppValley on your iOS 12 devices: 

To get this amazing app on your Apple device running on iOS 12, simply follow these steps: 

AppValley Configuration Link

  1. Open Safari browser then opens the above link. 
  2. Click on the ‘install’ tab and confirm your decision on the prompt. 
  3. Then tap Install. 
  4. Type your device passcode.
  5. Tap Done.
  6. You’ll get a prompt stating you can’t use the app until you ‘trust’ the developer on your phone. To do so, do the following: 
  • Open settings and go to the ‘General’ tab. 
  • Select ‘Profiles and Device management’ under this tab and here you’ll see the developer’s name. Click it and select ‘trust’, then ‘trust again’ on the following prompt. 

     7. You’re now free to use the app and gain access to its vast choice of apps. 

Some Helpful Links:

A Final word on AppValley: 

It is a very versatile and useful app since: 

  • AppValley grants you access to thousands of safe and secure tweaked apps. 
  • It gives you access to premium apps for free. 
  • It’s easy to use and install. 
  • AppValley is available on Android as well.

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