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AppValley VIP is the latest app installer which can help you to install your favorite apps and games for free. AppValley is one such apps store which brings a wide range of tweaked apps, ++apps, modified games on your iOS device. To download AppValley we will guide you below with the complete assistance in case an error occurs.

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How to Download AppValley VIP on your iOS device:

We are going to show you the way to download AppValley on your iOS device. Get your iOS device connected to Wi-Fi or Cellular data, and just follow the steps below.

Install AppValley


  1. Open the above link button,
  2. or, Open [ link ] then tap on Allow. 
  3. On the web page tap on Install AppValley
  4. On the pop-up window tap Install.
  5. Wait for a few moments, it will take some time to get AppValley completely installed on your device.
  6. Now the installed AppValley icon will be available on device Home Screen.

Download AppValley VIP on your iOS device is now worthy to get your favorite apps, games those are not available on the App  Store. Here we are going to show you how to download AppValley VIP on your iOS device.

iOS users have found a way to access the modified and advanced features that Apple doesn’t provide in their standard App Store. They can use jailbreak and install Cydia and then get ready to experience a whole new world of apps. But what about Android users?

Although Android users experience much more flexibility in terms of apps, data storage, and transfer, they have always been deprived of this one option to jailbreak and make their devices more exciting by installing these advanced features and apps.

Well Not Anymore, in the scenario of jailbreaks disappearing, a new app installer AppValley has been introduced for iOS users to make use of all those features without the need to jailbreak.

The good news for Android users is even they can install this app installer called AppValley and utilize all the benefits of modified apps and features which were only available to iOS users till now.

AppValley VIP Features:

There are few features explaining below to know more about AppValley.

  • AppValley is user-friendly and only some very simple steps to follow to get it.
  • Users don’t need to have any special technical or coding knowledge to make use of it.
  • No jailbreak tool is required to get AppValley download and install.
  • No Apple ID is required, that means your device is safe.
  • If you want to take a break from AppValley, it can be easily deleted.
  • All the apps and games get updated on a regular basis.

AppValley Not Working Fix:

If the installed AppValley is not working on your device or if it is showing ‘Untrusted Enterprise Developer’.

  • Go to Settings > General > Profile and Device Management, find the AppValley Profile, tap on it. now tap Trust.

Once the Configuration Profile is trusted, you will be able to open AppValley and start looking for your favorite apps and games.

If you like the app on your device and enjoy the download of the apps and games, comments below to let know how you like it, follow us on Facebook to get the latest updates.


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