AppValley VIP Profile Installation Failed Error

AppValley VIP is the latest app installer available for your iOS device, developers have come up with an alternative to Cydia, as there is slow down of available jailbreak tools for latest iOS firmware. Now you can install your favorite games, apps, and tweaks without the need to jailbreak your device and customize your device that will make your iPhone distinguishable from others. When you will download and install apps, games, and tweaks from AppValley VIP [ About ] store, you will not be charged that means you can get all the content for free.
appvalley iosSometimes if you are pretty unfortunate you will see Profile Installation Failed Error when you try to download Appvalley VIP. Here below we are showing you how to fix it following a few easy steps.

AppValley VIP Profile Installation Failed Error:

When you are downloading AppValley VIP on your iOS device, you may get two common types of error. The error occurs due to high traffic volume on the server, if so then try downloading it after some time. The second type of error can be generated from your browser cookie itself which does not allow your browser to fetch the app file from the server to get it installed on your device. When you are trying to download AppValley VIP after the first attempt and still getting an error then follow the below steps to fix it.

Clear iOS Device Cache:

  1. Enable the Airplane mode on your device.
  2. Go to Settings and Tap Safari.
  3. Look for the option Clear History and Device Data, tap on it.
  4. Disable you device Airplane mode and try after some time.
  5. Try downloading AppValley VIP again.

Appvalley VIP will work fine on your device, there is no doubt that Appvalley is Cydia alternative but remember do not expect the same functionality as Cydia.
Let us know how AppValley VIP is working on your device or getting any trouble while installing apps from the app store. To get more developers updates to follow us on Facebook.


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