AppValley VIP is an app installer which enables iOS users to install modified and advanced apps, games, and themes in their devices.  

appvalley iosHow to Download AppValley:

Go to the below-mentioned link and follow the steps to download App Valley VIP for your device. 

Download AppValley

Why We Need it? 

Let’s get to know how AppValley VIP is different from the Appstore which is already available in iOS devices and why do we need it. 

App store provides apple users all the standard apps. But users who like to use an advanced and tweaked version of various apps and games and enjoy advanced themes and wallpapers always had to look out for external options like Cydia. To be able to use Cydia, the devices needed to be jailbroken first.  

But since the release of iOS 10, Apple has improved security features so much so that it has become almost impossible to jailbreak iOS devices and thus to use Cydia and access tweaks. 

What is AppValley VIP:

AppValley VIP is a third-party app installer which comes handy in such a scenario. iOS users can now install modified apps and tweaks without jailbreaking their devices with the help of this amazing app and that too absolutely free of cost.  


  • Jailbreaking your iOS device is not needed any longer and thus the security risks associated with it also vanishes. 
  • Extremely easy to download with few simple steps. 
  • All the apps and content can be downloaded absolutely free. 
  • Content is regularly updated by developers so the users can have the latest versions always. 
  • Apple ID is not required to use the app and thus no possibility of a security breach. 
  • Built-n memory with cache cleaner is available. 
  • Available for iPhone, iPad as well as Android devices. 

How to Use AppValley?

Using AppValley is almost the same as you are habituated to install individual apps from App Store, once this app installer is installed on your device follow the below instructions.

  1. Open the app from your device Home Screen.
  2. Go to Apps section type your desired app name on it, then tap search.
  3. Now tap the Get option beside the app. 
  4. It will take some time to install the app completely. 
  5. Once the app is installed completely, go to 
  • Settings > General > Profile and Device Management
  • Find the recently installed app profile, tap Trust on it.

Availability on iOS Firmware:

This app installer is available on a wide range of iOS updates from iOS 9 to iOS 12 and their updates. 

  • iOS 9 – iOS 11 and all of their updates
  • iOS 12 including its recent updates. 

Compatible Devices:

  • iPad
  • iPhone
  • iPod touch

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) :

  •  Is it Secure? 

Yes, Since it does not use Apple ID for installing modified apps and themes, it does not pose any safety risk to your device or data. 

  •  Can it be deleted from the device easily? 

Yes, App Valley is absolutely easy to delete the app from your device in case you wish to take a break from it. Simply go to the delete and follow the given simple steps to delete it from your device. 

  •  Is it available for Android also? 

Yes, it is also available for Android devices. The procedure to install differs a little from iOS devices though.  

  •  How to fix it if it gets Revoked? 

Since it is a third-party app, Apple keeps on revoking the certificate to run it. But it can be easily fixed by installing an Anti-revoke software in your device. Click on the ( link ) and follow the steps to install. 

  •  How to fix the Profile Installation Failed Error? 

Few errors can occur due to high traffic volume on a server or due to your own browser cookie settings. Fixing these errors is extremely easy. Click on the ( link ) and follow the steps to fix this error.